Consumer Loan Servicing Software


LA Pro provides comprehensive consumer loan servicing software. Our software enables maximum flexibility in managing loans of varied amounts, payment structures, and those with multiple rates and fees.

Our consumer loan management system can be configured to support diverse loan types including those that may not be easily handled within your primary systems. In addition, our consumer loan accounting software contains a variety of options for screen displays, definable fields, configurable security and user-access levels, as well as over 100 standard reports.

LA Pro Consumer Loan Servicing Software Features:

  • Line of credit and term loans
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment files can be created in a simple format or in a format accepted by NACHA–The Electronic Payments Association
  • User-defined fields that link to documents and web sites
  • Loan delinquency tracking
  • Very flexible options for customizing security and user-access levels
  • Screens are user-customizable to show only what you need in logical order
  • Over 100 standard reports available based on loan types
  • Several ways to create ad-hoc reports and data extracts
  • Interfacing to other systems is extremely easy

Consumer Loan Accounting Reports

LA Pro’s loan servicing system includes the specific reports needed for consumer loan servicing: borrower billing statements, loan reports with tracking of committed, used, and available funds. Management reports are also included to show history of funding, billings, disbursements, and borrower payments. More than 100 standard reports are included with the package and through ad-hoc reporting you can create additional reports. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with custom reporting and any other questions you have about your development loan servicing system.

Effective, Reliable Consumer Loan Accounting Solution

Everything you need to service consumer loans is included with no additional modules to buy or extra support charges. If you are ready to improve your consumer loan servicing, LA Pro is ready to assist. Learn about our industry-leading standard servicing features or watch our online tour of our loan servicing software today.