Corporate Treasury Department


Robust Capabilities for Corporate Treasury Loan Servicing

Verification of funding across departments or intra-organizational entities is a challenge for corporate treasury departments who have outgrown their core finance management systems. LA Pro enables finance groups worldwide to be more effective in managing and maintaining accurate accounting records as the company and offerings grow. 

Flexible and Scalable Loan Accounting System

LA Pro’s loan accounting systems are suited to the unique needs of corporate treasury departments. Our loan servicing software provides an interface with existing systems and accurately tracks intra-company loans and bank records. In addition, many of our corporate treasury clients elect to service employee loans such as 401K, hardship, or student loans while also accounting for the interest that has been imputed.  Over 100 standard reports are included for different loan types, as well as ad-hoc reports and custom data extracts to easily facilitate management needs. LA Pro provides comprehensive auditing functionality that even includes modifiable security and user-access levels. To further address the unique requirements of corporate treasuries, LA Pro supports complex fee structures, monitoring of syndicated loans, participations of other banks and lenders, and club deals.

Our clients continually report extreme satisfaction with our flexible system, stating that LA Pro is able to meet their unique requirements and provides scalable solutions that address the new challenges brought on by a growing portfolio of increasingly complex loans. We help treasury departments manage changing relationships between profit centers and complex restructuring. To help provide better service to other departments, LA Pro formats for screens and reports (such as billing invoices) that can be configured to meet department-specific needs.

There For You When You Need Us

LA Pro’s loan accounting software includes a robust help system and search engine to find answers to all your questions. Our dedicated staff is available to support any customer service needs you may have and answer questions specific to the complexities of corporate treasury department loan accounting.

Find Out More About LA Pro’s Corporate Loan Accounting System

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