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Flexible Credit Union Loan Servicing Software


Credit union quoteRapidly changing market factors have created the need for credit unions to grow beyond traditional loan services, expanding to meet member demands. Recently, there has been significant growth in business lending, small business member loans, and commercial lending.

Responsive Accounting System for Credit Unions

LA Pro fulfills the requirements for any type of loan servicing including complex business member loans. We have responded to the unique requirements of our credit union clients with a servicing solution tailored to simultaneously improve efficiency and customer service. We started with a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface with a menu-driven format, then added an extensive help system, a powerful search engine, and a dedicated support staff. Servicing and reporting on member loans is flexible and scalable. Our software includes templates for web access to member accounts. Your data is easily imported and exported to your loan origination and documentation systems, eliminating the need to duplicate manual data entry across systems. LA Pro provides the ability to use multiple general ledgers and to export general ledger information automatically. 

Timely, comprehensive report generation is critical in credit union loan servicing software to keep the management of information accurate as markets change and loan volumes increase.  LA Pro supports the unique needs of credit unions through various management reports, daily accruals, SBA 1502 reporting, and data extract reports for the National Credit Union Association (NCUA). We offer many types of standard loan reports, ad-hoc reports, and data extracts with multiple formats. For example Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment files can be created in a simple format for review or in a format accepted by NACHA – the Electronic Payments Association.

Supporting CUSO Portfolios

LA Pro’s loan servicing software is built to support the management of unique credit union portfolios for Credit Union Supporting Organizations (CUSOs) that require participant remittance information for investors.

  • Independent management of member organizations and departments

  • Aggregated and independent reporting capabilities

  • Business user control enables configurable screen layouts and user access levels

  • Static field changes made by system analysts are auditable

  • Detailed billing, tracking and charging of service fees at both loan and participant levels are supported with options for unique labeled invoices per portfolio

  • Reporting capabilities of the loan accounting system for credit unions and CUSOs allow for the collection of credit bureau data that can be captured to be directly exported

Integrate Credit Union Loan Servicing with LA Pro

LA Pro is committed to our clients’ success incorporating industry-leading standard servicing features. Take a guided tour today of the LA PRO solution with our 50-minute detailed multimedia demonstration. Request our90-day FREE Trial Offer or Contact Us for a customized live demonstration of the software and how it can specifically address your business needs.