Development Organization


Optimizing Development Organization Loan Servicing

Government, non-government, and not-for-profit economic development organizations require comprehensive and flexible loan servicing capabilities with a significant range of options – from commercial loans and consumer loans to payment selections that include diverse billing cycles. LA Pro is invested in supporting a successful experience for our diverse client base and meeting each of their unique needs.

Loan Servicing Software Serving Non-Profit Development Organization

LA Pro’s clients appreciate the flexibility of our loan servicing software and the ability to modify features that are required to support their development loan portfolios. Our current non-profit loan servicing software implementations for Habitat for Humanity include mortgage servicing features that help them support communities and families in need. Organizations can track bonds or manage subsets of data outside their primary finance system and directly interface with general ledger programs development organization use for loan servicing. LA Pro also enables seamless importing and exporting of data to increase efficiency and solve problems that arise with manually entering data into different systems; saving on valuable human resource costs. Security control and user-access levels can be set so that any changes that are made by system users are auditable. Configuration is also available for multinational currencies and languages. LA Pro’s report functionality covers multiple format options for management reports, daily accruals, over 100 standard reports by loan type, ad-hoc reports, and data extracts.  

Design Your LA Pro System Today

LA Pro is committed to our clients’ success incorporating industry-leading standard servicing features. Take a guided tour today of the LA PRO solution with our 50-minute detailed multimedia demonstration. Request our 90-day FREE Trial Offer or Contact Us for a customized live demonstration of the software and how it can specifically address your business needs.