Equipment Loan Servicing Software

LA Pro enables you to service the simplest to most complex loans for equipment purchases. Depending on your approach to equipment loan management, loans can be set up as revolving lines of credit or installment loans for one-time purchases. We understand the unique requirements of equipment lending and regardless of your approach we will help you to meet your specific needs. 

There are some exclusive requirements for servicing equipment loans that LA Pro has experience servicing. We are able to manage any asset type including industrial machinery, vehicles, business equipment, technology, tools, and medical instrumentation.

Our equipment loan accounting system supports same-as-cash, deferred, and standard amortization financing terms. For same-as-cash loans, you can chose to waive interest at payoff (before the set expiration date) or back post interest to the beginning of the loan if it is not paid off. The fees, terms, and rates are all configurable by loan, allowing you to easily support multiple lending programs and promotions at once.

LA Pro’s software helps you track collateral with data entry fields to document all of the information related to the equipment such as make, model number, VIN, and location. You can rename existing, generic fields to be more meaningful to your business and you can add custom fields to track collateral if required.

Reports Specific to Equipment Loan Management Needs

LA Pro includes the specific reports needed for equipment loan servicing, such as reporting based on equipment type. Management reports are also included to show history of funding, billings, disbursements and borrower payments. More than 100 standard reports are included with the package with the ability to create additional reports with our ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you with custom reporting and any other questions you have about your development loan servicing system.

Proven Cost Effective Equipment Loan Management Solution

We are ready to help you improve your equipment loan servicing with flexible, proven software that will meet your needs. Learn about our industry-leading standard servicing features or watch our online tour of our loan servicing software today.