Franchise Loan Servicing Software

LA Pro easily tracks loans used for the purchase of franchises and the investors that participate in those purchases. The loans can be term loans or revolving lines of credit. Reports showing investor participation and remittances are included in LA Pro’s standard reports. We provide the flexibility and control you need, allowing you to spend your valuable time focused on your business.

LA Pro’s loan accounting system provides specific capabilities needed for successful small business franchise lending. It includes detailed billing statements and payment files, tracking of participant-level service fees, and integration with major accounting and documentation packages to reduce manual data input. Participant and fractionalized loans are easily supported with reporting designed for multiple participants. Our franchise loan servicing software includes more than 100 standard reports and lets you build custom reports and data extracts to meet your specific purposes, such as reviewing payments received from borrowers or remittances made to investors.

Reports Specific to Franchise Loan Accounting Needs

LA Pro’s loan servicing system includes the specific reports needed for franchise loan servicing: borrower billing statements, loan reports with tracking of committed, used and available funds, performance to budget, payments to vendors, and 1098 and 1099 statements. Management reports are also included to show history of funding, billings, disbursements and borrower payments. More than 100 standard reports are included with the package, and our ad-hoc reporting capability allows you to create any additional needed reports. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you with custom reporting and any other questions you have about your development loan servicing system.

Proven, Cost Effective Franchise Loan Solution

Everything you need to service franchise loans is included and there are no additional modules to purchase. If you are ready to improve your franchise loan servicing with proven software, LA Pro is ready to assist you. Learn about our industry-leading standard servicing features or watch our online tour of our loan servicing software today.