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Efficient Government Loan Servicing

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Government agency loan servicing requires great flexibility and ease of use, while maintaining perfect accuracy.  A single loan accounting system must be able to manage a range of loan types from development loans to large capital improvement projects. The compliance and reporting requirements can be onerous for any government agency.

Scalable Solution for Municipal Government Loan Accounting

LA Pro provides loan accounting software to support several government agencies in one database; enhancing the efficiency of government loan servicing processes. Numerous loan types, such as student loan or capital lending within municipal governments, can be tailored to reflect program-specific information. Users can easily modify loan terms as needed without creating a new loan. In addition, state government agencies have integrated our loan tracking software with other accounting systems, which eliminates redundancy and reduces errors caused by manually entering data into multiple locations.

Cost Effective Solution Loan Tracking System

Over 100 standard reports are available with the ability to create ad-hoc reports and produce data extracts when necessary. LA Pro’s loan accounting system comes with an extensive help system that includes a searchable help index. Our software is incredibly effective in tracking and reporting on multiple collateral items tied to a loan that has been created for a government accounting system. Analysts are able to configure their systems by creating unlimited, definable fields with specific validation rules, detailed security settings, and access levels for employees. Changes to static field data are auditable and reports can be sorted by the government agency. Screens and layouts can be modified to reflect the characteristics of loan offerings, report types, or individual agencies including adding unique logos.

Efficient Government Loan Servicing

LA Pro is committed to our clients’ success incorporating industry-leading standard servicing features. Take a guided tour today of the LA PRO solution with our 50-minute detailed multimedia demonstration. Request our 90-day FREE Trial Offer or Contact Us for a customized live demonstration of the software and how it can specifically address your business needs.