LA Pro Loan Servicing Software Overview

Over the past decade, the landscape of the lending market has changed dramatically. Remaining profitable might require lenders to expand their services, tighten management of problem loans, or explore niche portfolios as non-traditional opportunities for growth. While all of these options can significantly increase earnings, they can also raise a number of support issues for the loan servicing department. Lending organizations are faced with a dilemma: how to increase the breadth and flexibility of their loan servicing operations to respond to opportunities in the market while profitably managing growth and controlling operations costs.

Respond to New Business Opportunities

Exploring new business opportunities in lending often requires investing in various types of lending portfolios. LA Pro can be customized to meet specific business needs, enabling lenders to manage a mixture of portfolios from traditional lending to multi-currency corporate financing. Regardless of the portfolio, LA Pro loan servicing software supports you with the flexibility you need for detailed billing, daily accruals, and incisive management reports. To learn more about LA Pro’s loan servicing software watch our 5-minute solution overview below:

With LA Pro's intuitive screen presentations that provide easy access to customer and lending information, lending organizations can better respond to new opportunities.

LA Pro features include:

With LA Pro's intuitive screen presentations that provide easy access to customer and lending information, lending organizations can better respond to new opportunities.
LA Pro features include:

    • Extensive processing capability – 
      • Participant processing
      • Multicurrency processing
      • Fee processing including deferred fees, fixed fees, fees at closing, and accruing fees
      • Escrow processing
      • Service fee processing
      • IRS Form 1098, 1099-INT, 1099-C and 5498 processing
      • Batch process options
    • A robust help system
    • User-definable field descriptions
    • Complete menu driven operation
    • Detailed billing with consolidated billing options
    • Over 100 standard reports (including SBA 1502) with user-definable “favorites” list
    • The ability to create custom queries and reports
    • Data export on all tables
    • Security options
    • Reminders

The system's intuitive design gives loan servicing managers and support personnel better access to "the right" information. Based on Microsoft's latest relational database and product development tools, the LA Pro system provides the flexibility and scalability lending organizations need in today's dynamic lending environment. LA Pro can be easily integrated with existing systems such as general ledger accounting systems, core processing systems, and documentation and origination systems through the latest data-sharing technologies including a set of standard APIs. Data can be easily imported or exported to other systems, reducing or eliminating the need to duplicate entries across multiple systems.
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Manage Growth Profitably

Sound business decisions depend on the timely availability of management information. Accurate record keeping and comprehensive reporting are critical to an organization’s profitability and growth, especially as loan volumes increase. LA Pro loan servicing software simplifies maintenance of the general ledger by generating transactions that can be imported into your organization's general ledger system. LA Pro automates the full range of interest calculations from simple interest to floors and ceilings. The system also offers enhanced reporting capabilities, with ability to create custom reports. Available online or in hard copy, these comprehensive reports help lenders keep control of their portfolios regardless of the growth rate. LA Pro has been benchmark tested with over 200,000 loans with complex transactions.


Improve Customer Service

Providing superior customer service is essential to retaining current loans and generating new business. Easy access to information helps lending organizations provide comprehensive responses to customer requests. LA Pro loan servicing software provides the ability to view account and billing information online, eliminating the need to print documents. This improves the speed and accuracy of lending organizations' reporting and billing, which results in superior customer service.

Reduce Operations Costs

Often, the cost of customizing an application or the time involved for staff to learn an application in support of a new portfolio prohibit the exploration of new lending opportunities. LA Pro handles multiple types of loans and can be tailored to your business needs without draining operational resources. LA Pro's maintenance costs are minimal - a fraction of those associated with mainframe solutions. LA Pro's automated accounting and comprehensive management reports enable organizations to control costs and elevate performance.


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