With easy access to information and improved flexibility, LA Pro’s loan servicing software enables lending organizations to respond quickly to new business opportunities and improve their competitive position in the marketplace.

LA Pro
LA Pro Screen

Clicking a navigation icon such as Home opens windows that display options intuitively displayed for maximum ease of use and efficiency.

Home Screem

Deal information is maintained from the Home tab. This information includes:

  • Customers, facilities, and loans
  • Collateral and guarantors
  • Unsettled loan and fee bills
  • Deferred fees and costs
  • Rates and pricing options
  • General ledgers and general ledger transactions
  • Notes and reminders
  • Participant, participant facilities, and participant loans

Standard Reports
Standard Reports Screen

LA Pro comes with over 100 standard reports including:

  • Base Rate History
  • Collateral Report
  • Customer Master List
  • Facility Balance Report
  • Fee Balance Report
  • Fee Delinquency Report
  • GL Transaction Listing
  • Guarantor Report
  • Loan Delinquency Report
  • Loans Outstanding Report
  • Notes Report
  • Participant Loan Payments Month to Date Report
  • Payments Month to Date Report
  • Record Edits Report
  • Reminder Report
  • Trial Balance and Accrual Report

Customer Overview
Customer Overview Screen

The Customer Overview feature displays all of a customer's deals and is a useful navigational aid. This customer has two facilities, two loans, five fees, one deferred fee, and two escrow accounts. Clicking the deal displays its associated record. For example, clicking Loan: L-2A displays the record for that loan.

Loans Screen

The Main tab shows that loan L-2A is a 5-year amortized loan for $30,000.00. 
The Rate tab stores the loan’s interest rate, spread, floor, ceiling, and Days Per Year Code. 
The Billing tab defines the loan’s billing schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, at maturity, etc.) 
The payment split and allocation order, late fee information, and month-to-date, year-to-date, and loan-to-date balances are defined on the Other, Late Fee, and Summary tabs, respectively. 
The Find button allows you to search for a specific record. You can use any combination of fields to search for a record. 
Free-form notes are added using the Notes button.

Other LA Pro Features

With the proper access level you can enter a new record, save changes made to the current record, or delete the record. There are 10 user-definable access levels.

Data entered in LA Pro can easily be exported to other systems in XML format. 
Day end, month end, and year end cycling are performed from the Processing window.

Individual transactions can be reviewed and posted by user ID or all transactions can be reviewed and posted. The transaction listing can be sorted by transaction number or General Ledger Code. Rate change notifications can be generated prior to posting.

From the Transactions window loan payments, disbursements, waivers, and rate changes are entered. All transactions can be back-posted or future-dated. Transactions can be reversed easily. Bills are generated from the Billing window.

Bills can be printed and reprinted for all loans or for a specific loan or customer.

LA Pro's reporting capabilities provide several ways to use your financial information. Learn more about LA Pro's reporting capabilities.

Ad Hoc Reports allows you to produce on-the-fly reports based on one table. You can use the Find feature to tailor your report results.

The Amortization Schedules option develops hypothetical loan schedules. 
The Forecast Report projects payments by month and year.

The Batch Amortization Schedules option prints multiple amortization schedules for newly re-amortized loans.
Options on the Administration tab are used for application and database maintenance.

Application maintenance includes setting up security and user accounts, configuring the system, defining window layouts, adding custom fields, and changing field colors.

Database maintenance options are used to compact and repair the LA Pro database, clear all data, create test data, and setting passwords.