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LA Pro Reports

It is as easy to get information from LA Pro as it is to put it in. LA Pro Reporting offers a set of standard reports with the tools you need to create your own reports.

The options and tools range from simple to complex and are designed to give you the exact reporting capabilities you need:

  • Standard Reports is a set of over 100 preformatted reports that you can run any time. The reports give you information such as trial balance, loan payment, loan disbursement, and much more. You can view the complete list of loan accounting reports in our LA Pro reporting guide.
  • Ad Hoc Reports are a simple way for you to produce on-the-fly reports based on the information in one table. For example, you can design a report that shows information from the Loans table for product reporting.
  • Quick Report lets you create complex loan servicing reports with information you select from up to six tables in your LA Pro reporting database. You can report on up to 24 fields, sort your information in many ways, and control the order in which information appears on the report.

Reporting Capabilities

  • Amortization Schedules displays amortization schedules for existing loans and to create hypothetical schedules.
  • Delinquency Notices prints a report that tells customers that a loan payment is past due.
  • Escrow Review Listing provides a snapshot of all escrow account information in LA Pro.
  • Escrow Transaction Detail Report shows initial escrow deposits and escrow payments.
  • Forecast Report displays the principal and interest payments of a loan or series of loans, projected by billing period.
  • Form 5498, IRA Contribution Information, reports the fair market value, rollovers, and any contributions made to traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP-IRAs, or SIMPLE IRAs and re-characterizations of an IRA contribution to the IRS.
  • Form 1098, Mortgage Interest Statement, reports interest paid for the year to the IRS.
  • Form 1099-INT, Interest Income Statement, reports the amount of interest each investor has been paid on a given loan for a given calendar year to the IRS.
  • History for Escrow report shows history for individual escrow accounts.
  • Interest Statements tell customers how much interest they have paid for all loans that are not reported to the IRS on Form 1098s.
  • Invoice Register Report shows what has been printed on invoices.
  • Payment Allocation Report provides information about consolidated payments.
  • Transaction Review Report shows all transactions that have been entered for the day. You print the report, review the transactions, make any corrections to the transactions, and then post the transactions.
  • Transaction Posting Review by Transaction Type shows what happens when you post transactions

Standard Reports

Pick the report you want, set the reporting parameters such as how you want to sort the information, and click Preview, Print, or Export to run one of these reports. You can save your setup and create your own list of favorites.

Standard Reports

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The following are just a few of our standard reports – view the complete list in our LA Pro reporting guide.

  • Aging Report
  • Billing History Report
  • Borrower Statement of Account
  • Collateral History Report
  • Coupon Books
  • Customer Delinquency Report
  • Customer Master List
  • Escrow Review Listing
  • Facility, Fee, Loan Report
  • Interest Accrual Report
  • Late Fee History Report
  • Loan Charge-Off Report
  • Loan Disbursement Reports
  • Loans to One Borrower Report
  • Participant Monthly Statement
  • Payoff Report
  • Portfolio Report
  • Rate Change Notification
  • Reg Z Report
  • Wire Transfer Request Form


Example of the Trial Balance Report:

Trial Balance ReportClick to enlarge

Ad Hoc Reports

Ad Hoc Reports lets you create reports based on information in one table in the LA Pro database. Your ad hoc reports can have information from any or all of the fields you see when you use options such as Customers, Facilities, and Loans. For example, you can create a report showing the contents of any of the fields you see when you use the Loans option. You can sort ad hoc reports using any of the fields in the record you are reporting on.

Ad Hoc ReportsClick to enlarge

Ad Hoc ReportClick to enlarge


Quick Report

Quick Report lets you design reports to meet your needs. Your reports can contain information from one to six LA Pro database tables, and can be presented in several ways.Quick Report allows you to:

  • Report on up to six tables in your LA Pro database
  • Show information for up to 24 fields on your report
  • Specify the conditions that must be met in order for information to appear on your report. For example, you can create a report showing all loans with a Payment
  • Type of Amortized and Billing Cycle of Maturity
  • Specify the order in which you want information presented on your report. For example, you can sort information by Loan ID in ascending or descending order
  • Save your report setup
  • Choose the title of your report
  • Preview your report before you print it or print it without previewing it

Quick ReportClick to enlarge

The previous report setup produces the following quick report:

Quick Report ResultsClick to enlarge