Student Lender


Superior Usability for Student Loan Management


Changes in the economy and job market have encouraged consumers to advance their education. This has increased the demand for student loans that are efficiently managed. Leading student loan lenders desire flexibility to manage interest-only or deferred interest periods with the ability to convert permanent financing terms without creating a new loan. With increasing oversight, it is important for student loan lenders to have expert reporting and compliance, in addition to a flexible loan servicing system.

Committed to Successful Student Loan Lending

Lenders who offer student loans find LA Pro’s loan account software to be an effective way to manage the demands of this unique loan type. Our robust loan accounting software handles a range of servicing options and can be configured to meet your needs. With our straightforward approach, users can easily adjust product offerings within the system. LA Pro’s loan accounting system seamlessly interfaces with loan origination, documentation systems, core finance, and accounting solutions. Over 100 standard reports are available by loan type with multiple format options for management reports and settings that enable reminders upon login to the system. The software allows lenders to create ad-hoc reports, make custom data extracts, and collect data for reporting to credit bureaus. 

Flexible Solution for Student Lenders

LA Pro features an extensive help system with powerful help index search capabilities and a flexible menu-driven format. User control is built into the software to enable a variety of auditable system security and access levels.

Superior Usability for Student Loan Management

LA Pro is committed to our clients’ success incorporating industry-leading standard servicing features. Take a guided tour today of the LA PRO solution with our 50-minute detailed multimedia demonstration. Request our 90-day FREE Trial Offer or Contact Us for a customized live demonstration of the software and how it can specifically address your business needs.