Third-Party Servicer


Expanding Third-Party Servicer Loan Offerings

In the current economic climate, third-party loan servicers need increased flexibility to stay current and remain profitable. Participant loans place unique requirements on servicers to provide complete details of each individual investor's holdings through enhanced reporting functionality.

Proven Cost Effective Solution

LA Pro loan servicing software offers third-party servicers the ability to access data from multiple sources and report on composite data extracts to increase efficiencies. LA Pro has expertise in interfacing with other systems. Seamlessly integrated systems enable accounts to be automatically updated, providing portfolio-level reporting that breaks out information on individuals to reflect the payment received and loan servicing charges. Over 100 standard reports are available in addition to the ability to create ad-hoc reports and data extracts when necessary.

Loan Management Software for Third-Party Lenders

LA Pro’s loan management software enables third-party servicers to control tracking and reporting for loan and participant level service fees through a variety of web and data connection templates. Audits are easy with reports containing monitored information regarding employee access levels, security settings, and field changes across the system. The loan delinquency tracking module provides easy credit bureau reporting.

Expand Lending Capability with LA Pro

LA Pro is committed to our clients’ success incorporating industry-leading standard servicing features. Take a guided tour today of the LA PRO solution with our 50-minute detailed multimedia demonstration. Request our 90-day FREE Trial Offer or Contact Us for a customized live demonstration of the software and how it can specifically address your business needs.